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GERF® Certified Safety Gloves

Cryogenic boots

Cryogenic boots

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- Made of Low temperature silicone rubber, composite fabric and cold-proof
- Lightweight, easy to move after wearing.
- Waterproof and breathable
- Humanized Velcro design, no shoelaces, easy to put on and take off;
- The boot barrel is made of multi-layer composite low-temperature materials
to keep warm and breathable, and provide heat protection

- Low temperature silicone sole, can withstand -196°C low temperature, nonslip, durable

  • Applications: handling dry ice, low and ultra-low temperature freezers, closed cryogenic systems, low temperature gas, low temperature
    refrigeration, dry ice, cold room, biomedicine, laboratory research, industry,
    aerospace, frozen food processing and any other places where extreme
    cold is prevented, etc. 
  • Caution: Not intended for immersion in liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic liquids.



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