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GERF® Certified Safety Gloves

Waterproof Cryo Jacket with Hood

Waterproof Cryo Jacket with Hood

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-.This costume includes:
*Cryogenic Jacket with Hood

 Cryo Jacket Protecting Against Cryogenic Splashes

-. Made of multi-layer anti-low temperature composite materials, processed
by precise sealing manufacturing process, excellent heat preservation,

 - The Jacket offer the same technology and protection as that of the Cryogenic Gloves.

- The Cryo Jacket offers optimum protection for the Torso, back and arms against the effects of spills and splashes of cryogenic material including LNG & Liquid Nitrogen.

- The high efficiency insulation reduces bulk and the Cryo Jacket design ensures excellent air flow.

- These properties ensure that the Jacket does not become clammy.

- The Cryo Jacket is with Velcro fastening, to adjust to a wide range of heights. The waist is elasticated. - The Cryo Jacket are of three layers but the inner overall omits the insulating layer above the waist (covered by the overlapping jacket) for comfort.

- The outer layer, of royal blue, woven polyamide, has a waterproof coating to resist condensed water on cold surfaces.

- The middle layer is of special polyolefin/polyester micro-fibre, which is almost twice as effective in thermal insulation as a similar thickness of down. This minimizes heat transfer without being so thick as to be cumbersome.

- The inner layer is polyester for comfortable wear.
-. Lightweight, easy to move after wearing.
-. Easy to clean of jacket and liner.
-. Excellent thermal insulation performance and soft comfort.
-. Comfortable to wear, light, very flexible, waterproof and breathable.
-. Protect the freezing liquid from splashing, comfortable for long time work in
the freezing air.

  • Applications: handling dry ice, low and ultra-low temperature freezers, closed cryogenic systems, Unloading of tankers with cryogenic liquids, handling, handling and unloading of all types of cryogenic storage Dewars dispensing/transferring cryogenic liquids, defrosting pipelines with water, handling of cryogenic samples in or extraction from storage containers, supply of cryogenic gases, service of cryogenic systems, refueling and service in LNG filling stations, work in LNG facilities and transportation, work in mining, oil and gas.
  • Caution: Not intended for immersion in liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic liquids.



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